What separates this channel from other television networks is not its technology but its 'Intentions'.


The Philanthropy Channel is a national, HD television channel devoted to programming that informs, entertains and inspires audiences about philanthropy, philanthropic causes and the people whose work helps to bring about social, humanitarian and environmental change.

High-quality, purpose-driven programming that provides our audience with content that not only entertains and engages, but also enlightens, educates and inspires positive action.

Our mission is to use television to create a space for stories that connects us all through our compassion and desire to make a difference.


Television remains the most influential, authoritative and persuasive of all media. It’s cultural glue, and it monopolizes social currency with it’s mass appeal and reach!

Stories That InspirE

Icons. Legends. Real People. Real Characters. The Philanthropy Channel programming delivers inspiring and riveting stories from around the world. 

In its purest form, philanthropy means for the love of humanity.